Nyasvizh Museum of History and Local Studies

The decision to open the regional historical museum in the department of culture was taken on 30.10.1989, the official opening took place on 14.01.1995. From 01.01.2005 was reorganized into the State Institution "Nesvizh historical museum", which included: the museum, the apartment Museum of artist M.C. Sevruk (1996), pottery (2001), and museum object "Smithy" (2006). The main focus is the local history activity, learning crafts of Niesvizh edge.

The exposition of museum consists of five stationary halls - "Saving Identity" (2011), "Trade and Crafts of Nesvizhchina" (2008), "Nesvizh. Pages of legends and history" (1998), "War. Tragedy. Feat" (2005), "Saved Values" (1999) - and two exhibition halls, which annually offers more than 15 exhibitions on various subjects (art, patriotic, from the embassies of different countries).

Museum fund at 01.01.2023, there were 13,687 units., which are distributed among 18 collections, the most important of them - "Paintings and Drawings," "Fhotodokuments", "Documents", "Tableware", a personal collection of artist M.C. Sevruk (1240 units). Unique items include: a cup, so-called "Talerovy Cup", silver, Königsberg, 1720-1757; Liturgical book of the Latin requiem mass tradition - Requiem Nesvizh (?) Bernardine Monastery, which contains hymns 16 – 17 century with the ancient notation, Vilna, 1841; the treasure (glass, porcelain and metal utensils - 141 objects) is detected in the basement of the church of the monastery of Benedictine in Niesvizh in 1988, Poland (?), in the end of XIX – the beginning of XX cc.